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How we started


Glass City Cupcakes started as a home based bakery owned by Chantel LaClair-Cox,  in 2011.We are Located at 3326 Glanzman rd. in Toledo Ohio. We specialize in gourmet cupcakes and  custom cakes. We bake with  high quality and fresh ingredients. Designs can be simple and elegant, or elaborate and trendy.  Let us customize your party with a one of a kind treat! Our attention to detail will help to make your next party or event spectacular.  

      We at Glass City Cupcakes, are proud to say that our customers are the best, together with your collaboration we will customize your cake or cupcakes to your theme or party. We take an innovative approach when designing your one of a kind confection. Glass City Cupcakes is not limited to cakes and cupcakes, we also make cake pops, cookies and macarons!

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